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Michael Safyan

Nice meeting you out here in cyberspace. I'm Michael, a software engineer at Google (disclaimer: I'm speaking only as myself), a technology enthusiast, an anime otaku, a science nerd, a fantasy reader, and a follower of world news.

If you're here for professional reasons, you may want to check out my resume, my LinkedIn profile, the technology section on my website, or my StackOverflow profile. If you share my interest in technology, you may find my technology section, technology-related flips on Flipboard, or Google-related flips on Flipboard to be of interest. If you share my interests in current events and politics, you may want to check out my Google+ profile or my Flipboard profile. If you enjoy anime or fantasy novels, some of my favorites/recommendations are linked below.

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Disclaimer: the statements or opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Google Inc.