Michael Safyan

Favorite anime



Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Anime poster of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
A bitter sweet action romance that brings together the characters (or their corresponding selves from a different dimension) together in a single anime. In the Clow Kingdom (referencing the (in)famous magician Clow Reed whose magic is the subject of Cardcaptor Sakura), the budding romance of Syaoran and Sakura (the dimensional alternates of the main characters of Cardcaptors) is cut short when a mysterious enemy appears, stealing and scattering Sakura's memories across the universe and different dimensions in the form of tiny, magical feathers. In order to save Sakura's life and restore her memories, Syaoran makes a bargain with the Dimension Witch Yuko (from the anime XxxHolic) at a very steep price. Together with two other travelers who are forced into similar bargains but for other reasons, Syaoran and Sakura venture through various worlds in search of her scattered memories.

Sword Art Online

Anime poster of Sword Art Online
Trapped in the video game Sword Art Online, the players must clear all 100 levels and defeat the boss at each level in order to log out. However, death in the game results in actual death, and as the levels and bosses get more difficult, the process of clearing the game becomes more and more perilous. Kirito, a former beta tester of the game (before it became sinister and deadly), makes it his mission to protect the weaker players and not allow any more of them to die, even at great risk to himself. That is, until Asuna, who is similarly devoted to clearing the game and protecting the weaker players, gives him a reason to live. The series follows the romance of Kirito and Asuna and their struggles to beat the game.

Attack on Titan

Anime poster of Attack on Titan
Since the sudden appearance of a mysterious, new human predator and the ensuing near extinction of humanity caused by these "Titans", the surviving humans have been confined to a small, enclosed area protected by a series of walls. For nearly a century, humanity was kept relatively safe by these walls; however, this is suddenly changed when a massive Titan breaches the outermost wall, once again bringing humanity to the brink of destruction. The series explores the human condition and the primal human survival instinct as it follows the story of brother and sister Eren and Mikasa as well as their close friend Armin as they struggle to overcome the loss, danger, and confinement of this cruel environment.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Anime poster of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
When tragedy strikes, the alchemists Edward Elric and his brother Al resort to the one forbidden form of alchemy: human transmutation. In violating this taboo, the brothers bring about even greater tragedy for themselves. In order to atone for their sins and undo the tragic effects of their alchemy, the brothers set off in search of the philosopher's stone, an alchemical device that holds the promise of their salvation. In their search for the philosopher's stone, Ed and Al discover the dark, dark secrets of its origin as well a plot that threatens their country and everyone they know by an organization that also seeks the stone.

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